Oceansation offers great accommodation with an on-site camping ground with a great surroundings environment. This allows each guest to stay overnight without leaving the grounds to keep the festival going.

Why Camping? We believe that camping is the best way to experience the island’s beauty with its thick rainforest, exquisitely clear water and stretches of white beaches. At night bonfires and torches lights up the camp, lie down on the sand and watch the stars soar above you and the real world becomes something like a fantasy. Campers would also enjoy socializing with fellow campers, making friends, exchanging ideas while sharing common interest thus creating a closer bond among campers as you become more mutually dependent than you would in an urban society.

So, people, let’s pitch your tent, relax and enjoy a memorable weekend with friends!

Campground Area

Upon arrival in the campground area, campers will be ushered by to their respective campsites by the festival crews. The campers will begin to set up their tents along with the help from the festival crews in order to get it done quickly. For the first timer, fret not! The festival crews will demonstrate on how to set up your own tent.

Open fires and campfires are not allowed. The festival crews will set up a campfire for everyone at night, all night.

Restrooms and Showers

A sufficient number of restrooms and showers will be provided for the convenience of the campers. Shower during off-peak times is recommended for you to have your leisure and good time throughout your stay. It is with great appreciation for everyone to keep the restrooms and showers tidy and clean.



Food will be provided throughout the festival and signage will be up for the campers to know the location of the dining area. Meals will be served and cleared on time, so it is advisable that all campers are present during the meal call time. Due to the location, we are able to provide drinks during mealtime ONLY.

It is advisable that everyone brings sufficient drinking water to keep you hydrated throughout the festival.

For those who bring their food and wish to cook, a community cooking station will be provided for campers at a designated area.